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"I believe in asking questions; as that is the Special Forces way when we get a mission; we don't just say "Yes, Sir" and move out. We ask:

What is the goal?
End state?

As in guerrilla warfare, it's not all black and white, in fact, it's mostly grey...So, the first thing I want folks to ask, is:

"Why Mykel's Hawke ® brand is any different than the others?"

Let's look at a brief upsum of where my designs got their roots."
~ Mykel Hawke
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Harrier Hawke BlackstoneEvery one of the Hawke ® Brand products comes from my head and heart as a need I experienced. There are lots of smart people out there and there are many tools. I always try new ones and old ones and find, that it could be just a bit better if i could only make it like this or that.

The one thing that must ring true in all my products is solid quality at real value. Those are principles of my Special Forces community and the standards American people expect from one of their military officers. And that why the Hawke ® Brand is a perfect fit for us. Please check us out and see for yourself." ~ Mykel Hawke
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